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Welding is a method of joining two pieces of metal. It sounds simple. Yet, when expertly executed, welding is a skill that takes the basic and functional to the level of art. Although the basics of welding can be learned quickly, it takes great skill and a deft touch to perfect the technique.

It’s also a matter of knowing the proper method of welding for the type of metal. Depending on how you want to classify them, there are as few as three or as many as thirty!


Milling, drilling, grinding, boring.

Milling is a process of removing material to create and shape tools and useful objects. From machine parts to kitchen utensils, from ink pens to gears, and literally, nuts and bolts—milling is a process that makes products that touch our lives in almost every way every day!

Metal Cutting

Ever since humans discovered metals, we have been shaping them into everything we find useful, from tools or weapons to everyday household items, such as bowls, to the purely ornamental, such as jewelry. We mine the ore, refine it, combine it into alloys, and mold it, beat it, or cut it into the shape we desire.

From tin snips to shears to CNC milling and machining, there’s more than one way to cut a piece of metal. Which method of metal cutting you use depends on the metal you need to cut.


Many metals, like the famous quality of oak trees, are known for bending without breaking. That’s because the structure of many metals gives them the properties of strength and malleability. Some of the most common sheet metals prized for bending include aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper.

From gentle curve to sharp crease, bending metal is one of the backbones of metal fabrication.


Every day you come in contact with objects made of metal. Chances are if you’ve seen something made of metal, Chomas Metalworks can make it for you. From nuts and bolts to gears, hitches, vents, gates, siding—even a whole steel utility building—if it’s made of metal, Chomas Metalworks can fabricate it.

Fabrication refers to the transformation of a raw material, such as metal, into a new shape or configuration to produce a tool, parts, or a structure.


Chomas Metalworks stands by old-fashioned values: If it’s broke, we can fix it!

Why throw something out because it’s broken? When it comes to farm equipment, it’s too costly to simply discard or abandon an otherwise serviceable piece of equipment. Why go into debt when a repair can get you back up and running in no time?


Chomas Metalworks uses two types of machines—lathe and milling machines. Whereas milling machines use a rotating or spinning cutter on a usually flat and stationary sheet of metal, lathes spin the material to be cut against the cutting tool, which doesn’t turn. The lathe is ideal for creating identical and symmetrical cylindrical parts. CNC lathe machining is also referred to as “turning.”

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