Every day you come in contact with objects made of metal. Chances are if you’ve seen something made of metal, Chomas Metalworks can make it for you.

From nuts and bolts to gears, hitches, vents, gates, siding—even a whole steel utility building—if it’s made of metal, Chomas Metalworks can fabricate it.

Fabrication refers to the transformation of a raw material, such as metal, into a new shape or configuration to produce a tool, parts, or a structure. Fabrication is a general term; there are plenty of ways to transform metal, cutting, drilling, extruding, folding, bending, machining, welding.

These are the basic metals we can transform for you:


An alloy of iron and carbon, steel is a metal that has built the U.S. Its relatively low cost combined with high strength has led to steel being used in everything from tools and machines to skyscrapers, ships, household appliances and automobiles.

Its versatility springs from the different grades of steel made from varying combinations of iron and carbon. With over 3,500 different grades, steel is basically categorized into four types: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless and tool steels.

Steel fabrication can involve any number of processes: bending, folding, milling, machining and cutting in particular. Fabrication can also involve joining pieces by bolting or riveting them together.

With so many options, steel can be transformed into hundreds products.


Because it is lightweight and resistant to corrosion, aluminum is another versatile metal when it comes to fabrication. From boats to lawn furniture to aircraft, ladders and fencing, aluminum loves the outdoors! But it’s used inside, too, in products as varied as cookware, soda cans or candy bar wrappers.

Because aluminum can become brittle if not properly extruded, trust Chomas Metalworks to get it done right the first time.


Stainless steel is a class of its own. It’s strong but malleable, so stainless steel can be bent, folded, machined or welded. It’s a common choice in restaurant and medical professions because of its hygienic quality. Stainless steel is nonporous, so it’s easy to clean and sterilize.

Chomas Metalworks is “hands on” when it comes to fabrication. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty! We’re ready to dig into your next project and take a sheet of metal through the fabrication process to final product.

What can Chomas Metalworks create for you? If it’s made of metal, Tim can make it.
Call him at (989) 522-0912 or stop by the shop at 1563 Bay City Road to discuss your project.

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