Chomas Metalworks uses two types of machines—lathe and milling machines. Whereas milling machines use a rotating or spinning cutter on a usually flat and stationary sheet of metal, lathes spin the material to be cut against the cutting tool, which doesn’t turn. The lathe is ideal for creating identical and symmetrical cylindrical parts.  Lathe machining is also referred to as “turning.”

Both machining processes remove material; they just use a different method to get there. But you don’t need to know which process is the better application for your project. You only need to know that Chomas Metalworks takes the guesswork out for you. Either machining process is extremely versatile.

Any number of metals can be machined: aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium.

Other materials that can be machined include: wood, fiberglass, plastics

Any number of parts can be machined. We’ll machine one part if that’s all you need, up to whatever the job demands. However many parts you need machined, Chomas Metalworks can handle the volume.

And because the machining is computerized, each part, from the first one to the last, will meet your specifications. These machining processes provides the level of accuracy and precision needed for the most exacting tolerances.

Whether the parts you need machined are simple or complex, our machines can handle the intricacy.

Whether the parts you need machined are large or small, our maches can handle the size.

In short, there’s almost nothing Chomas Metalworks can’t do!

If you have a project suited to machining, don’t hesitate to contact Chomas Metalworks.

What can Chomas Metalworks create for you? If it’s made of metal, Tim can make it.
Call him at (989) 522-0912 or stop by the shop at 1563 Bay City Road to discuss your project.

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