metal cutting

Ever since humans discovered metals, we have been shaping them into everything we find useful, from tools or weapons to everyday household items, such as bowls, to the purely ornamental, such as jewelry. We mine the ore, refine it, combine it into alloys, and mold it, beat it, or cut it into the shape we desire.

From tin snips to shears to milling and machining, there’s more than one way to cut a piece of metal. Which method of metal cutting you use depends on the metal you need to cut. It also depends on how precise the tolerance needs to be. The size of the project also has an impact on selecting the best method for metal cutting.

At Chomas Metalworks, we offer a variety of metal cutting processes. You can rely on us to select the right tool for the job.

Hand tools: sometimes all you need is a hacksaw and muscle power. For thin gauge, pliable metals, such as aluminum, you might get by with hand shears to make a simple cut.

CNC Machining: turning on a lathe makes quick cutting for a number of metals, producing identical pieces of symmetrical objects.

CNC Milling: similar to machining, milling is a metal cutting method that can produce identical shapes with precision on almost any type of metal.

Flame Torch: oxyacetylene torches can do more than weld. The heat can also be used to cut a piece of metal.

After the cut: Chomas Metalworks will cut with precision and ensure that your finished part is truly finished to perfection. We’ll make certain that all cuts are clean and smooth.

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