Milling, drilling, grinding, boring.

Milling is a process of removing material to create and shape tools and useful objects. From machine parts to kitchen utensils, from ink pens to gears, and literally, nuts and bolts—milling is a process that makes products that touch our lives in almost every way every day!

Because milling machines have been computerized (Computer Numerical Control or CNC milling), an operator can make a single object, or as many identical objects as needed, all to incredibly precise tolerances.

Milling, because it uses moving rotary cutting tools on a stationary piece of metal, it is especially well suited for sheet metal. It’s also ideal for unique configurations.

Depending on the metal and the design, different rotary cutters can be used. With all the flexibility milling machines provide, nearly any idea that can be sketched out can be created.

Metals we can work with include aluminum, steel, brass, nickel, copper, and don’t hesitate to ask about other metal options. If it’s feasible, we can do it.

Have you ever wondered whether the gadget or part you need could be made? Then come see Chomas Metalworks. We can sit down and hash out your design idea and produce a prototype.

Whether you need custom work or standard parts, milling provides the solution. You bring the specifications, and Chomas Metalworks can translate it into an actual item.

The parts we make are up to you. Especially if what you need doesn’t exist yet, don’t despair! Chomas Metalworks is here to help. Give us a call.

What can Chomas Metalworks create for you? If it’s made of metal, Tim can make it.
Call him at (989) 522-0912 or stop by the shop at 1563 Bay City Road to discuss your project.

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